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Cammalleri Awarded Two-Year, $6.7M Deal

That's $3.1 million next season and $3.6 million in '08-'09 for Cammalleri. Those are the numbers I have, and I have them from a very good source who is confident that they are correct.
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if those numbers are indeed true, then it is a bargain considering all the inflated salaries we saw bandied about all summer.
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He was asking for 6 mill per???

I would have walked away from anything like that. Very good little player with more upside if playing on a better team. But 3.5-ish is very fair for both sides at this point.

If he was a UFA 6 mill may be realistic, or if the Kings had no cap room. But as it is he had very little leverage to get a 6 mill type contract.

For those that don't get a chance to see this kid play, he is a very good player. Just needs some better talent to play with (and it appears to be on its way).
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If this guy had some support, watch out....34 goals and 46 assists for 80 points...this guy could easily score 50 with some help.
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They should give that to him he could be a very good player with some help like Cat said. I think just with some moves they made this offseason he could be better than he already is.
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Originally Posted by kwnger1371 View Post
They should give that to him he could be a very good player with some help like Cat said. I think just with some moves they made this offseason he could be better than he already is.
Cammalleri doesn't absolutely NEED a ton of help to produce. This is a kid who put up 80 points last year in Los Angeles on the 3rd worst team in the league. So he didn't have help, and yet he was still able to put up those numbers. (don't get me wrong - EVERYONE could use some help, but I was just pointing out that he already is a good player without much help... so it's not a "must" for him).

However, he will have some help this year, so his numbers will just get even BETTER. The Kings added Handzus, Nagy, and Calder to a mix that already consisted of Cammalleri himself, Frolov, Brown, Kopitar, and more. That offense is more than capable of putting up some great points, so Cammalleri DOES have help now. Not to mention the defense that is well rounded when it comes to offensive numbers, so their defensive unit should put up some good points as well. This is a good offensive club, and I'm expecting a ton of their players to break out and put up high scoring totals. So I wouldn't worry about Cammalleri producing or not. This kid will do great in this offensive system. If he can put up 80 on the '06-'07 Kings squad, I can't even imagine what he will do in '07-'08.

Anyways, about this signing, I really like it. A little over 3 million per year is very reasonable for Cammalleri, so this was a good deal for LA who doesn't have very much cap space left. Cammalleri's original asking price (6 mil per year) was way too high, IMO, so the Kings are lucky that they got him to lower it and agree to sign at this price. Also, while he was an RFA, there were talks about many teams going after him, so that shuts up all those rumors now. Once again, this kid is a great young player and he has a bright future with the Kings. I'm betting he will become a top player some day. Good news for Kings fans with this signing today.

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Cammalleri wanted 6mil a season, is he nuts hes not a 6mil player. Atleast not yet.
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as someone said, if he were a free agent he may have commanded 6mil per year, but he wasn't, so he didn't, and i'm glad he didn't. here's why: the guy played on the 3rd worst team in the league and logged tons of ice time because we had no one else who produced. someone had to lead the team in scoring right? he's good, don't get me wrong, but he's small, and is pushed off the puck very easily. all anyone has to do is bump him and he losses it. with the new players the team signed, his ice time will go down, and so will his numbers. he will not get more than 70 points this year. if he does score more than that, than he's a superstar and the Kings will need to kiss some serious ass to keep him after '08-'09!
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