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Old 02-06-2013, 07:22 PM
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NHL Rescinds Match Penalty Called on Andrew Desjardins

SAN JOSE, California -- The National Hockey League has rescinded the match penalty assessed to San Jose Sharks forward Andrew Desjardins in NHL Game #137 on Tuesday, February 5 in San Jose.

Desjardins received a match penalty for an illegal check to the head of Chicago Blackhawks forward Jamal Mayers at 8:48 of the second period.

Rule 48.5 reads: "The Referee, at his discretion, may assess a match penalty if, in his judgment, the player attempted to or deliberately injured his opponent with an illegal check to the head. If deemed appropriate, supplementary discipline can be applied by the Commissioner at his discretion."

Desjardins also received a five-minute major for fighting in an altercation immediately following the hit. Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith also received a two-minute minor for instigating, a two-minute minor for unsportsmanlike conduct (instigating with a face shield), a five-minute major for fighting and a 10-minute misconduct.

“The way the linesman saw it on the ice, he was convinced it was a major penalty," NHL supervisor of officials Mick McGeough told a pool reporter after the game. "Unfortunately, he was wrong. It’s been overruled, taken care of by the League and Brendan Shanahan and the safety committee, and there are no more issues right now. (Linesman) Jonny Murray made the call. Unfortunately, he wasn’t overruled by the referee. It is what it is.”

Chicago forward Patrick Kane scored the game-winning goal during the ensuing four-minute stretch of 4-on-4 hockey in an eventual 5-3 victory.
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Maggie3and Me (02-06-2013)
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Old 02-06-2013, 07:39 PM
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Good. It was a solid, clean hit.
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jayc948 (02-06-2013)
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Old 02-06-2013, 08:52 PM
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While it's great that they are rescinding these blown calls, it is getting ridiculous that they keep screwing them up in the first place! They are costing teams valuable points in a shortened season. Admitting that your officials screwed it up, doesn't change that you affected the outcome of the game by your mistake. I don't understand why they are so anxious to hand out majors this season. If you aren't 100% sure of what you saw, then let it go. The league can always review it, and suspend the next day.
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DARCY T (02-07-2013)
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Old 02-07-2013, 07:33 AM
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This was the top rated comment on YouTube, which I agree with:

It's clear that the NHL officials (just like the NFL referees) can't distinguish between hard but clean hits to the body and hits that target the head. This exact situation happened to David Backes of the Blues less than a week ago, and it cost the Blues a game against the rival Red Wings, as well. Both leagues should implement video review for head shots - both to punish people who DO target the head and clean up the game, AND to exonerate people who play clean like this.
Third time in a 2 weeks with a brutal calls on hits, Two overcalls one no call. Something needs to be done before fans, no matter how loyal they are, stop supporting hockey. Embarrassment to the league.
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