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Originally Posted by Troyboi View Post
Are you slow? I was talking about you stating that James Neal was declining fights during the series.
Umm he was
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Originally Posted by Killah_punk View Post
Does Philly go after Neal?

The answer is no, end thread.
For real, what was that? I guess it's OK to elbow Giroux and Couturier. Take notice, NHL teams, our star players are free game.

What sucks the most is soon we won't be able to give Bruins fans crap about Captain Power Play Chara and his team letting bad hits go unpunished.
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SyrCrunch11 (01-20-2013)
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Philly really is welcoming cheapshots by not making an example of Neal. It took McCarty a few games to hit Claude so maybe that will happen, but I doubt it.
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