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Anton Belov vs Alexei Yashin

Yashin taking a few punches over in Russia...
[youtube="hHyK8NxosHM"]Anton Belov vs Alexei Yashin[/youtube]
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helped make my day better!
link 1 | link 2 | link 3
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Here is downloadable archived version
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thanks for this Svyatoslav
formerly Luke Marek
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Thanks a lot for this clip in very good quality, Svyatoslav
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yashin deserved this... he had this coming to him.... especially the way he plays... always pushing, shoving, after whistle and never squares off...
Let's Go Capitals!!
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Haha, I've been waiting for someone to punch him in the face.
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Heh, that can only happen in Russia as there are no tough guys standing up for their "star players".
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Actually there 'r some "tough guys", as u remember Reid Simpson played for 2-3 seasons in Vityaz, don't forget about Alexander Yudin http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ia7iWFPw8M0 whos retired last season. It's hard to say that Darcy Verot is tough enough but he brings some toughness to Chkehov. There are about 5-7 really tough players in RSL who can fight if needed.

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Thanx for Yashin's fight...i've never seen him drop his gloves on...
"It only gets tougher as the season goes on, but itís what pushes you to your limits." - Scott Stevens
<- No pain ,no game ! ->
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