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But there was a great story too. I love this story, about Neal Broten and Gretzky getting in that fight. And you know, they were both lightweights so they let them go. But Neal said he was in the penalty box and ten guys skated by and looked at him and scowled and said 'You're dead!' And he looked up and realized that half of those guys were his own teammates.

Because now they realized that they were going to have to face Semenko and McSorley and all these other tough guys from Edmonton . Because that's how it worked – you touched Gretzky and there was hell to pay.
That was great. Got a kick out of reading that.

They're the most real, down-to-earth guys. When hockey players get rich, they buy new SUVs and fishing boats. They don't live the lifestyle of basketball players or football players. They're a totally different animal. I've written all different sports books for different sports. I've written biographies on everyone from Barry Bonds to Kevin Garnett.

And hockey players don't let guys get too big for their britches. They'll just get beat up or abused by their teammates. They don't drive fancy cars. And you know what? Most of them come from pretty modest, humble places. That's just not their nature.

Unless they move to New York and 'live the life', a lot of them just don't live that way. They're pretty quiet guys.
Something I have known for a while, but nice to see someone who has been involved in all sports come out and say it. Shean Donovan, while not an all-star drives an Ford F250 Pick-Up truck with no bed liner. It looks like is just came from a long day on a construction site.

And you look at playoff hockey and the injuries and you learn in talking to team doctors how part of the code says, you get stitched up between shifts, not periods. You play hurt.
Hockey players are ****ing warriors man. No way some baseball player would play hurt. Hell, he could break a nail and want to go on the 15 Day DL. Hockey players want to, and will play through anything. Especially in the playoffs!


Excellent interview VF. Hopefully Bernstein will come out with some more books.

Thanks to the both of you for taking the time to do the interview, and to VF for putting it all together for the site.
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