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Originally Posted by lock-jaw

First, it's pretty obvious that the guy's not going to jail. McSorley used a weapon and didn't go to jail.

Second, what do you call what he did? Lovetap? Bitchslap? An action that should be happening in hockey on a regular basis?

What happens when a player is enraged and does something to intentionally hurt another player because he knows all he has to do is cry in front of some cameras and apologize publicly and he can sit on his couch for the rest of the season. What if the Canucks weren't playoff contenders? Do you think suspension for the rest of the regular season would have been enough?

Fact: Violence is part of hockey. I love it and you love it or we wouldn't be typing messages via this website. If EXTREME, malicious acts like what Bertuzzi did don't get treated as crimes, then the fighting we all know and love will have to go away for hockey to be part of what the public will accept. These acts have to be separated from regular fighting in the public eye. You and I both know that Bettmen would just love to ban fighting.
Regardless it is ridiculous. It is a hockey game for christ sakes. It is unfortunate, but the police getting involved is stupid. It happened during a GAME and it should stay within the league. PERIOD.
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