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Originally Posted by LuigiStone View Post
The sooner the oversized super heavies are out of the game, the better. The Thornton sized fighters are the best for the league. No regular sized guy wants to fight someone like Scott or Big Mac. And they can't really police the game because of the instigator rule. The SuperHW fights are also generally pretty boring. The Boultons and the Thortons put on a better show for sure. You will never see a tough super star fighting John Scott or MacIntyre like you would see Lindros fighting McSorley for example. They are just too big and not worth the time. Trust me, when the SHWs are gone, we will have more fighting again...between all types of players.

You make a lot of good points. I'm sure everyone on this site despises the instigator rule. If that was out of the game there's alot of stuff that would not happen on the ice...or would be answered for. (Chara punching Crosby in the playoffs?). That being said a player like Scott serves his purpose. He served magnificently this past year The Sabres were not bullied when he played this year... they were thrown around like rag dolls in 2011-12. It was embarrassing. Thornton is a great fighter and enforcers like him seem to be the future...but just when you say that you look around the league and see alot of big HW still around. (Scott, Orr, McLaren, Parros, McIntyre, McGratts) not to mention enforcer's in general.
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