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Originally Posted by I like Boobs View Post
The Subban hate is strong here.

He's done as much in 42 games this season as he did last year in 81 games. Has anyone else made that kind of improvement? I don't think so...

He scored 11 goals to Letang's 5, and Suter's 4.

He was plus 12 to Suter's plus 2 (Letang was plus 16).

On Subban's team there are no elite superstar forwards. Minnesota has Parise and Koivu. Pittsburgh has a travelling all star squad.

As far as Subban being poor defensively, you obviously haven't watched much of the Habs. He plays in all situations... He's a great penalty killer, blocks shots, does it all really.

I can understand people not liking him for various reasons. I have no problem with that, he's a polarizing figure... But he's elite at all aspects of the game, Offensively and Defensively. To sell him short because of personal dislike is nothing more than sour grapes.
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