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Originally Posted by cookie monster View Post
“I don’t even know what you’re talking about,” Ference said. “I don’t even know which play you’re talking about.”

Ok hippie, lol.

I do like Carlyes response...

“To me, those are hits in the game. Sometimes in the playoffs, you’re going to see physicality — it’ll be front and center,” Carlyle said. “It’s a game that’s made to be physical. You’re allowed to hit people. "

On NHL network, Jaffe was trying to make the case that it wasn't intentional because he doesn't seem to target the head.

Not buying it dude. Ference is one of the best "sneaky dirty" guys in the game, but in his defence he's also the first guy to jump in to defend a teammate and will back up his dirty play, even though he's not much of a fighter.
But he doesn't he had one fight this year one last year topped out at 4 the year before that he averages 2 fights a year. Does he only do something dirty once a year and only protect a team mate once a year?
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