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Originally Posted by I_am_Belak_2 View Post
I think Carlyle wanted to see if the Leafs could win without them, but they lost 5-2 to Tampa, with Gudas running around. So I think they'll be back in.

Orr's first scratch on the year and McLaren's 4th, just the 2nd time on the year neither guy was playing and it all went to hell. Don't do that again Randy, stick to the gameplan that got you this far!

Orr vs Parros Round8
Colt leads the series 5-1-1 but with Parros earning the TKO that dropped Orr out the league for a bit.

McLaren vs Parros Round6
Parros leads the series 3-1-1 from their West days.
Game over. NHL<AHL
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