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Yeah I thought the Devane/Maggio fight was pretty close but that's just me I guess. Devane has been good this year, he just needs consistent ice time without having to worry about being a scratch. Not to mention there aren't a lot of HWs in the division and conference.

MacWilliam is tough no doubt. Hits hard and will probably ditch the flippers now and then as well. He put up 200+ PIMs in the AJHL and as leafsfan mentioned put up a few tilts every year. I've seen him compared to Matt Greene but I don't catch many NCAA games so maybe someone else can chime in cus I'd be talking out of my ass if I said much more.

The Leafs/Marlies have a good amount of toughness coming up through the system. Barring guys being sent back for OA years or the ECHL, they should have Devane, Sam Carrick, Andrew MacWilliam, David Broll, Tyler Biggs, Brad Ross as well as Ryan Rupert still playing in London. That's as much toughness depth as any organization I think. So let's hope that this year is an anomaly, Eakins is no Carlyle that's for sure.

I hoped Crescenzi would be a bit more physical but he seems content finishing his checks and not mixing it up too much. Maybe it'll come but it's up to him in the end. I still think he can be a good 3rd or 4th line centre who can win some draws and chip in on the PK
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