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Originally Posted by yeah View Post
Uh, unless you're drunk he clearly ducked Kassian and went after Latendresse. This isn't up for debate. You either have eyes, or a Bruins dildo currently inserted. Kassian challenged him off the ****ing draw and he said no, yet you claim at some point Thornton mysteriously challenged him? In between getting put in a headlock by big bad Latendresse? Bruins fans are worse than Flyers fans, hope Orr and McLaren run wild tonight. If Lucy and Thoronton had their hands full with Neil and Kassian, this one will be a laugher.
You should cool your jets there steam roller. EVERYONE turns down a challenge from time to time. You like to make yourself look like a head case for questioning Thornton's balls/resume, which includes at least 1 fight against MK.
Your're acting like your mom is at Thort's house pooping in his toilet!
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