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Originally Posted by Jack Schitt View Post
That's bull****. They should already know that by now, don't ya think?

Scott and Kaleta scratched. Kaleta reportedly "furious". Rolston calls up another one of his Rochester boys. I'm waiting for Mancari to get yet another call up.

Fuk Pegula
Fuk Ted Black
Fuk Duh'Arcy Regier
Fuk Ron Rolston the glorified Jr coach

The only thing that kept me remotely interested in this pathetic group was that they were supposed to be " tough to play against". What a load of crap. Not only are they the team that teams break losing streaks against, but they sent down McCormick, have been scratching Scott, and now even Kaleta?

What a joke.

A sad, pitiful joke.
I feel you man. I'm just beyond pissed and don't understand their logic at all. They are screwing up the organization. Pegula said his only goal is to win the cup. But yet he kept a moron GM and clueless jr coach.
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