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Originally Posted by Bruins29 View Post
Please. We all know you and the other Boston haters are looking for any reason to give a Bruins player a loss. But this is just foolish...Erskine clearly lost this fight. You and the other haters can b!tch about it until you're blue in the face...but Thornton has been voted the winner by a huge margin. Case closed.

But by all means, continue arguing about super-slow motion replays and phantom punches by Erskine.
Sorry Bruins29 but you're wrong. I have as much respect for Thornton as anyone, he's a great fighter with a great reputation so for me to look for a reason to give him a loss is absurd.

The voting on this site or any other for that matter, is going to be skewed because probably 75% of the people will never see the slow mo so I guess us Bruin haters are just going to have to deal with that as Thornton gets a tainted "win" and you can wallow in your glory.

Don't worry, I'll get over it, I'll get over your homer posts, I'll even get over you being rude to me and many other posters, and I'll even get over knowing the fact that you're one of Bruin fans who give the rest a bad name by being a troll and going above and beyond the term, homer. Trouble is, I don't think you'll get over it and that's much worse than Thornton being handed a win for not landing a single punch.
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