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Originally Posted by smashem View Post
LOL, did not see if it missed did you, And if you did your lying. YEAH watched the re-play. By the way even if it did not land Thorts must have a dandy shoulder punch. So none the matter KD A-Holes.
I can't comprehend what you are trying to say here, but I want to hear where Erskine stated he got caught.

If you just made it up as a joke then just say so.

Originally Posted by MattBurger
As are the Bruins haters who are calling this fight a clear win for Erskine. They are both equally ridiculous and obnoxious
Mikeb already addressed it, but I feel that Erskine's two shots at the beginning of the fight compared to Thornton's zero shots warrants an edge, it's not enough for a CLEAR WIN for me, but to others 2 punches to 0 might be. I don't mind if people don't think he did enough and give it a draw either. But those going around ignoring the rather obvious missed punch in the slomo video, pretending hitting someones shoulder pad ought to give them a win, and/or flat out making up post-fight quotes from Erskine to try and justify calling it a Thornton win are ridiculous and should be called out.
The above post may contain sarcasm.

Brashear beat your favorite fighter. Undisputed top 5 all time.
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