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Haha, this dude is awesome. Hopefully he can go further in his hockey career. What a beauty!

He knows the inside of every penalty box in the league, proclaiming Sioux City’s the nicest because he has become friends with the guy who works the box.
And this...

It seems there’s a new league rule mandating a one-game suspension for anyone who picks up three 10-minute misconduct penalties over the course of the season.

Adams got his third last Saturday at Sioux City after being whistled for an open-ice hit on an opponent. Adams and Rogger both agreed that the Musketeer player took a dive, and argued as much to the referees.

“You would have thought he got shot,” Rogger said of the Sioux City player.

That gave Adams an idea. On his way to the penalty box, he suddenly dropped to his knees and feigned an injury of his own. The officials didn’t see the humor in it. Adams got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, the dreaded third major.
Remember when hockey was played by men; heck remember when society wasn't so politically correct? Miss those days.
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