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Originally Posted by Jack Schitt View Post
What? I seriously don't have any f*cks to give about your "BBB". Why are you such a sensitive little bitch? What happened to you? The Bruins get soft and you follow suit? Toughen up. Don't take things so personally.

You watched that I logged off? That's creepy.
Don't you get it? The BBB card is your way of playing the "victim". I don't take anything that you say personally or seriously for that matter.

Haha yeah...real creepy. Do you see that little dot beside your screen name? Blue signifies your not logged in, green signifies that you are logged in.

I just happened to notice it was blue before i made my post and then it was suddenly green after I had finished my post...almost as if you were waiting for me to reply. Talk about creepy.
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