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Originally Posted by MattBurger View Post
I understand that many of you live in a fantasy world, but here's the reality of the Bruins/Sabres game tonight:

1) Nobody is going to "avenge Thornton's loss to Scott" because it isn't necessary. Thornton lost to Scott fair and square. There was nothing dirty involved, therefore there is no reason for revenge. Scott won, get over it.

2) There will be no fights tonight unless a player from either team takes takes liberties with an opposing player, or the score gets out of hand.

3) Both teams will be focused on winning the game, not fighting. The Bruins are focused on grabbing the top spot in the Eastern Conference, while the Sabres are focused on getting out of the basement.

I love fighting as much as anyone else, but you have to remember, players (and that includes the tough guys) play to win games first, and everything else is secondary.
and this while partly true is exactly what someone says when they know they're out matched. scott > anyone on boston
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