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Originally Posted by gdameo View Post
Scott was scratched last game so hope he will be back in. I'm interested to see what ruff will do because sabres are in slump. If he is not in, bruins might run around.
On GR they said the lines would be the same as the Sens game? If Mindy scratches Scott I sincerely hope the Bruins use this opportunity to re-emerge as the top of the toughness ladder.

Which underperforming soft player would they put in his place? If it comes down to McCormick or Scott, it's gotta be Scott... but I'd prefer them both. You can get zero production and defensive liability from them or another forward. With them you at least get physicality. It's a very good possibility that the Sabres could be dead last in the NHL after tonights game.

Edit: According to Paul Hamilton on twitter McCormick is out. I assume that means Scott is in.
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