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Originally Posted by bigjack View Post
What bullsh*t and get over Prust. His contract was ridiculous and it's a Cap League. He's gone so crying about Prust isn't gonna solve a thing!
This bullsh*t that I constantly read about guys like Haley is so ridiculous! He's an AHL player and the Rangers winning or losing isn't riding on a guy like Haley!
You are so fXcking insane it is beyond ridiculous. You are like a parrot with the "Squawk, goals against, squawk, special teams, squawk, face offs". You repeat shXt we have all known since we were 10 and act like you are teaching everyone about hockey. People don't talk about that stuff in every post because it is so obvious, not because they don't know any better.

All I said about Prust was that they don't get out of the first round without him. Torts gave Prust a bunch of credit after game 6 but you were probably too busy blowing him to hear it. I said nothing about him still being on the team, I was speaking of the kind of team we had so learn to read and stfu with your crying BS. That is so hypocritical coming from an insane parrot that cries about Nick Fotiu not playing in some year around 1979 and how that cost the Rangers in the playoffs any chance you get. In your world you can cry about something over 30 years ago repeatedly but I can't mention the fact that we let a heart and soul guy leave without replacing him.

And parrot boy keeps mentioning Haley. You don't debate one point I made but you keep bringing up Haley who I didn't mention. You just show how bad your tunnel vision is parrot.
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