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Originally Posted by slashtrey View Post
Well I did. And I do not think the fact that most players on the Bruins have at least 1 FM "speaks volumes." It doesn't really mean anything towards having the toughest team in the league.
I said right in the post that I'm not saying all of them are tough, like Bergeron, Krejci, etc. But it does indeed speak volumes that they are at least willing to fight and play dirty. As for Buffalo, players like Vanek, Ennis, Pominville, etc are not.

But let's compare...

Scott > Thornton, but I'd say not by much. Yes Scott dropped him but that was just one sampling. I don't think many say Carcillo is tougher than Thornton but he did drop him.

McCormick > Campbell

Lucic > Ott & Kaleta

McQuaid > Weber & Regehr

Plus Boston still has Horton, Chara, MacDermid.
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