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Originally Posted by Boston Garden View Post
As you can't acknowledge that Kaleta was more concerned with drawing a penalty than shedding his visor. It's no mystery as to why Kaleta throws with wreck less abandon, he knows even if he opens himself up to a big punch that most likely his visor will be eating the blow.

You know the incident you keep referring too with Thornton and Weber, I'm going strictly off memory here but as I recall that game was a blowout. Hence you will see more fighting, all these times the Bruins bullied the Sabres is when the score was lob sided...that's when retribution usually takes place no? It's not often you see goonery in a 0-0, 1-1, 2-1 game.

I have never summoned anyone, if anything YOU seem to come out guns blazing when the majority opinion is tilted in your favor. You know you have at least 2 fanbase(s) that have your back under any circumstance.

As for MacDermid, unfortunately he doesn't usually play when everyone is healthy...thanks to Bourque. Sorry, but that passive aggressive troll attempt died on the vine.
For fux sake just stop it already! You are the only one bitching about the visor thing! Even guys who hate Kaleta see this for what it is!

The Bruins of the last few seasons weren't shy about gooning it up so to speak. Now you want to dissect it by score blah blah blah. I can't remember what the scores of those games were! I can't remember what the score of the Habs line brawl game was... Or the thrasher game when Lucic went off, although I'm pretty sure it was 0-0 when they went after the Stars.

As far as MacDermid , I asked because he was supposedly going to be the guy who took on Scott. It was Boston fans saying "retribution" etc. it didn't happen. No Chara. No Lucic. No MacDermid . No round 2 with Thornton.
Nothing but Campbell losing.
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