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Originally Posted by Boston Garden View Post
Fair enough. I don't want to lump the Bruins let down last season on Thomas though. To me sure guys may not have liked him, he was a distraction...fine.
I'm not trying to say it's all Tim Thomas' fault. Far from it. But I do believe his game along with the entire teams game dropped off after the whole White House ordeal. I remember you linked it to losing to the Canucks after the New Year and maybe there is truth to that as well.

Originally Posted by Boston Garden
However that doesn't come into play on the ice. Was his act insufferable? Yeah. Did that adversely effect the Bruins chances of winning? I don't think so.
I disagree. Something like that can totally effect what happens on the ice because it impacts what happens in the dressing room. I can't name names (not because I choose not to, but because I wasn't given specifics) but more than a couple of players had issues with Thomas stemming back a few years. The White House incident just brought those issues back to the forefront. And it gave the media something to constantly bring up and create a distraction. I think a lot of players resented what Thomas did. Now maybe that didn't directly translate into not performing on the ice but to say it had no impact whatsoever would be wrong, IMO. Either way what's done is done. Like I said I will always appreciate what Thomas did for the Bruins and by no means am I questioning or trying to diminish his importance in the Bruins winning the cup. But I did not like his actions last season and I think Bruins fans have every right to be annoyed with him because of that.
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