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The original BB Bruins were more of a gang up on a guy team and anytime their guy was losing the fight, 3-4 Bruins would come jumping into the fight and a guy like McKenzie would start to sucker guys!
The 3rd man in rule implemented in 1971 was because of the Bruins gang tactics! Overall they were not great fighters!
I'll acknowledge Cashman who was a lefty and got the jump on guys and Orr who was very strong and could throw a mean right. Ted Green was also a lefty but he was injured right before I began watching hockey in 1970 and I never saw the fighting Ted Green and can't give direct knowledge of his fighting!
Hodge was a mauler, Carlton was big but not a fighter, Bailey was ok, Sanderson was ok, Awrey was overrated, and McKenzie was a bullsh*t cheapshot artist!
The later Bruins under Cherry had much better fighters and were really tough especially in small Boston Garden!
The Schultz Flyers could really intimidate and the rules were such that they got away with murder. Schultz, Kelly, Kindrachuk and MacLeish were good fighters, Dupont was dirty, Clarke was dirty, Dornhoefer was dirty, Van Impe was dirty, Barber was dirty, and Saleski fit the McKenzie mode of cheapshot but crappy fighter! I would also mention that Ross Lonsberry was underrated and should be mentioned! The Flyers intimidated on volume and also gangland tactics and gutless officials!
Holmgren was big and a nasty player who hit hard and was crazy, Wilson was big and a nasty player and crazy and both these guys were probably better fighters than the earlier Flyers but the league was beginning to slowly change against the Flyers and they hurt themselves with all kinds of stupid penalties! Hoyda could also fight when he played as could Bridgman but with all these fighters the 1979 Rangers with just one fighter on their roster in Nick Fotiu destroyed the Flyers in five games outscoring them by a 28-8 score!
The 1979 Flyers were probably better fighters than the 1974 and 1975 Flyers but I predict that the Schultz led Flyers would of really gooned it up against the Rangers in 1979 knowing that Fotiu was all by himself!
The irony is the 1979 Flyers had better fighters but the 1974 and 1975 Flyers stuck together better and really knew how to goon it up!
And now back to Jim Gordon!
Bill Chadwick

They can fill the net on this guy tonight!
Phil Esposito
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