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I'm interested to see what happens in this game. I know a lot of people believe that Scott is going to go after Lucic, but I'm not sure. Scott never struck me as the type to really force the issue. Kind of typical with the superHW's in that he seems more or less like an appointment fighter. I remember a few years back when he was talking to the chicago media and called out Thornton. Thornton challenged him the next time they met and Scott seemed disinterested. I don't know why. He's obviously a monster and a good fighter and he has all kinds of height and weight advantages over Thorts. who knows?

I can easily see him lay down the challenge to lucic and lucic just saying no and that be the end of the story right there. However, if Scott really wants to jam, he can always take liberties with Krejci or say Dougie hamilton or something like that and force Lucic or someone on the Bruins to step up. I have never cared about a fighter declining a challenge. it happens all the time and every big name fighter has done it. BUT if you are really looking for a fight then the next logical step is to go after one of the opposing teams star players. If Lucic watches while Scott swats at Rask or Krejci etc. then he's got some explaining to do. If he refuses a challenge off the faceoff-I could really care less.

Scott may just be an insurance policy serving as a deterrent. Basically making sure that the Bruins don't try to rough up Miller or their star players without him having his say. I was really surprised to see him let orr off scott free (no pun intended but I might use that in the future!). There is still time in the season to avenge that loss so it's nothing really major for now. But with the criticism of him not taking on the elite fighters and how he never took on any top-10 guys yadda yadda kind of makes you wonder. maybe he's just saving himself for tomorrow night.

Thornton may try a bit of a pre-emptive measure by challenging Scott. get the fight out of the way and let the game begin in earnest. i can see Chara doing this as well. Stepping up to take on the other big man in the league! Of course it would most likely be a sh!tty fight with chara falling all over the place.

What is intriguing is Ott. Ott is a rabble rouser of the highest order who has had some run ins with the Bruins before. i can definitely see him trying to get some sort of rumble going. The Sabres have to be careful with that. The Bruins have toughness throughout the lineup-the sabres do not. So it's a double edged sword. Scott can't fight all of them. i'd love to see McCormick in the lineup. Is he playing? I like him as a fighter and he can surprise a McQuaid or even a thornton if he's on his game.

Another thing is Lane macdermid. will the Bruins give him a call? Have him come into take on Scott? I like the kid but I'm not sure if the Bruins will go that route. you never know.

Why do I have a feeling we'll see one quickie fight and then no rough stuff after that? These games that get all the hype usually turn out to be major disappointments. We'll know tomorrow night I guess.
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