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Originally Posted by LepraLord View Post
Artyukhin got only three games for that. That truly shows what inbred joke of a league KHL is. It's not the first time when this halfbrained juice-monkey tries to disable someone clearly smaller. Vityaz goons got last season suspensions that were as long as 15 games and one reason for their long suspensions was their former actions. But the difference between Vityaz goons and SKA's juice monkey is that SKA St.Petersburg is former Red Army's ice hockey team, the juice monkey is member of a Russian national team and the SKA's owner is Gazprom, Russian Federations largest energy company while Vityaz is not and Vityaz goons are Canadians.

This event once again shows that the KHL is never going to be capable to achieve the status and reputation that the NHL has.

Poor dude. Arty should fight Gillies or Ivanans, but he prefers little finns.

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