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Lots of potential for tonite !

Really wondering how Scott will react to his first big loss in the NHL . Will he challenge Orr early or is he going to try and hold out for Thursday nights bruins game. After all that is the main reason he was brought to buffalo. I think he's very dangerous for any fighter out there. He' s massive 6'8" 265 lbs . Pepole jumped on him after Orr sent him down but don't forget he's dropped parros, handled engelland fairly easy and pounded westgarth.

As for Orr I hope he just plays and makes Scott come to him. He's back and appears to be in old form. He doesn't have to fight every game, he just needs to make sure his teammates feel safe.

One fight I would love to see tonight though is Janssen vs. Thornton . Two guys who are always fighting bigger guys . Neither would have to punch up and they both may feel a little more comfortable and open up a bit. Lets hope both are in!!!
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