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Originally Posted by Terrible One View Post
^^ SMH....justtt SMH llol

ANYWAY heres the 3rd and 4th line for the Flyers tonight. Also read on twitter Asham was skating with the team this afternoon and may play tonight...either way this gonna be good!

Max Talbot - Scott Laughton - Tom Sestito
Tye McGinn - Eric Wellwood - Jody Shelley

Shelley/and even more so Sestito will def be itching to get involved. As already stated Rupp/Bickel and Asham(?) gonna have there hands full.
I just made a gameday thread for this game but it looks like a mod has to approve it before it gets posted. I wrote in it that projected lines, based on what I read, were

McGinn - Laughton - Talbot
Sestito - Wellwood - Shelley

But I like the lines you posted better. Hopefully that's what we see because Sestito can be a solid 3rd liner if he's given the chance, and he'll get more ice time if he's with Talbot and Laughton.
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