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Originally Posted by mckendo83 View Post
I dont see any of the crap from the end of the playoff series carrying over because its been so long. There are games the same season where teams play after a giant brawl and nothing happens, I expect this to be somewhat of an ugly game meaning rusty, but not dirty.

You also have the no fight NHL that will send a memo to the refs for this game to just toss the first guy who looks at someone the wrong way. That's what they did in the playoffs and I can certainly see it happening a lot more in the regular season from now on because guys are getting afraid to get game misconducts because those lead to suspensions which lead to loss of pay and if we have all learned one good, god dam thing is that it's really all about the money or we wouldn't have had a lockout in the first place that will have shortened the season and made it that much more important to make the playoffs because of all the lost revenue from losing 34 regular season games.

Ok, I can breathe now.
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