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Originally Posted by BaddaBing Badda Boom View Post
...there is already a built in excuse for Wilson that is always bantied about and that is he was still green around the gills - That was a good fight, however, with both guys landing, but IMO you gotta give it to Shultz out of deference as he was the elder statesman and - the ole tie goes to the runner, in this case Shultz's place in history at that time and even now should have him with the nod/edge/victory - Wilson hit him with some good shots including his feared upper-cut, all for naught however, a further testament to Shultz's granite chin
DAVE has really self destructed his own legacy with all his published remarks about being afraid of oriley avoiding certain guys ect i figure the revisionist history he is telling is either post concussion syndrome or posturing for..well who knows what for From footage and live viewing at the time of his playing career i never saw any fear or reluctance from dave to engage ANYBODY
he looked for ****z from anybody and gave as well as he would take
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