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Originally Posted by Philly Fan 27 View Post
best chance to see rinaldo, sestito and shelley would be injuries. at this point i think rinaldo def plays, sestito plays a decent amount and shelley plays when sestito is out. simmonds will probably be the 2nd best fighter most nights, but he's also gonna be relied on to score so he might have cuffs on from time to time. id like to see them add a hammer on the back end that can drop the gloves.
Manning is the best best for that I imagine? Or will Walker play a couple games before going down again?

Originally Posted by Jack Schitt View Post

Where'd you hear THAT BS?

QUOTE=Not the point. The question wasn't an "upgrade", it was MacDermid taking some "responsibility" off Thornton. He can handle his light work, that's about it./QUOTE
He can fight LHW's, like Rupp last year. As Broons alluded too he is also physical when not fighting, so while he won't be taking on the very few legit HW's...he helps nonetheless.

QUOTE=Is it wrong to hope for injuries? I agree though. Enough injuries and the types of players we like may see more ice time. The shortened season and camp may make that wish come true./QUOTE
It's only okay to root for injuries if it's a soft Euro.

I don't think Buffalo has much for depth? I'd have to check, but he may play anyways.

Not to mention there are still some fighters (not very good) but Bradley, Vandermeer, ect. are still out there. Hopefully they get signed next week.