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Originally Posted by Phila26Flyers View Post

This is a different era of college parties than yours. You've got tons of these "bros" walking around acting like fools like in this video. It's slightly exaggerated here for comedic effect, but it's pretty accurate.
Well when I was in school there were guidos, metalheads and mouthy douchebags. These types have been around forever. Today they just kick a different kind of flow. It's really all the same. If a guy like this sees he can do this stuff he'll do it. If he knows he can't, he won't. YOu were either part of the environment that enables this stuff or you weren't. Generally speaking this kinds of dudes didn't show up at our doorstep. Nor did they show up at the rugby house next door.

I suppose things are different today in that the percentage of assholes like this guy is large and probably the percentage of morons who will just stand by and shrug it off is larger. Does it make me an old fart to disapprove? I just don't understand this "I'm the man" kind of persona a lot of kids front up today. That kind of stuff used to get checked right quick. Now it's just accepted as being part of the landscape.
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