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Yeah, this is what fans want to see......

Flyers mock the 1-3-1 System - YouTube

I realize this is rather extreme but serves as a great example of how the league has devolved. I love the Lightning and they have exciting players to watch in St. Louis, Stamkos, Lecavelier, etc but the system is designed to clog the middle, shut down the opponent and force mistakes and it's very effective when executed properly but to me, is boring as fock to watch.

An illegal defense rule could be implemented and pretty easily, there are 4 officials on the ice for christ sake and it's easy to tell when a team is trapping so give them 2 minutes for illegal defense and make the penalty worse for each offense and you'd see things open up real fast. At the same time, call the penalties as they happen, hooking, holding, tripping, clean the game up and for the love of whatever, let the teams play! I don't think there was anything more frustrating than watching last season's playoff round between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. That was a disgusting display of NHL no fighting mandate as Zac Rinaldo was given a misconduct for not having even thrown a single punch but was "running around" and then other players were sent off but when Crosby starts shyt by acting like a little kid, all hell breaks loose and guys start throwing head shots out of frustration because no one will fight like a man, they turtle. How James Neal didn't get his butt kicked, I'll just never know, it's the playoff culture and the money talking, not the players and it sucks balls, I hate it with every fiber of my body.

Lastly, it's fine to suspend people for questionable hits to the head or from behind but be consistent and be tougher. This 1 game here, 3 games there, 9 games over here, 22 over there is ridiculous. Create a menu and stick to it, it shouldn't matter who the player is, they should have started with a clean slate and first offense 5 games, 2nd offense 15 games, 3rd offense 30 games. You'd see it clean up in a big hurry but right now, players don't know what's going to happen so they are either afraid to hit someone or they don't get punished properly.

Obviously, if they abolish the instigator rule or change its language, it would also clean up in a hurry as guys like James Neal would be less apt to do what he did if he knew he was going to get his face rearranged and no penalty for the other team.

Fock, I'm just dreaming and ranting, these imbeciles in the NHL can only be counted on to do the WRONG thing.
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