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Originally Posted by Blues 34 View Post

Kordic also had a very good series with Basil McRae. The fight that stands out to me in that series occurred right by the player benches in Maple Leaf gardens.
Kordic and McRae had approx the same amount of fights against each other than Miller/Kordic but McRae didn't win any of those fights. Kordic even dropped him and beat him several times. McRae only managed to get a draw here and there. I agree, that Kordic-McRae fight was the best of them all, a true classic.

Kordic was still very solid in Toronto and I believe he didn't lose one fight. Ok, maybe the Kimble/Twist fights could be scored against him, but other than that he looked very good in the Maple Leaf uniform. He had several incidents with coaches, teammates (Osbourne I think the guy's name was) and other stupid penalties for jumping someone. But he had a couple of solid fights, his last one with Miller in a Tor-La game, a criminally underrated and not so known fight with the rookie Kelly Chase which he won, another quick and not so famous fight against the always 'tough to handle' Robert Dirk. Probably his most memorable fight along with the McRae one is the fight with Troy Crowder. Actually this was one of the first hockeyfights I ever saw on video (keep in mind that was around 2004, here in Slovakia the internet was pretty much non-existent in most of the homes that time so I watched it during one of the high schools classes). Just a terrific fight and was a fan since (another interesting story that I never knew there was another Kordic, so I checked Dan Kordic's player profile in one of the computer games and i was wondering why he isn't listed in a career statistics as a Toronto player).

He wasn't as good in the AHL though when he was sent down after the Kimble fight, during the early stages of the 90-91 season. I have an interview where he said he needs to find the passion again. Actually he was knocked down by non other than Dan Frawley. He was definitely not the same after he was traded away, had some crazy moments down on the farm, attacking non-fighters and the announcers even called him out for it.

This was just a tragic story and I always felt some sympathy for Rambo. The guy was barely 27 years old.
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