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Originally Posted by FlyersEnforcer View Post
Look at all these fake ass fans, Quitting on your team, your city. We don't need you fake ****s in hockey anyway. You people always whining about "how good it used to be" are worst than those ****ing idiot conspiracy theory nuts.
Originally Posted by FlyersEnforcer View Post
The logo on that jersey runs way deeper than the owners and nhl front office of today. You dont think the players wanted to play? When have i ever hinted that the physical play hasnt decreased ? That has little to do with the statement. What money do I money do I spend on the league? What do they make 52 cents for every game i watch on tv?
Yeah, the "logo runs deeper" back to when the NHL was actually entertaining. Unfortunately those deeper days are gone. That is the problem. Continuing to support the NHL in its current state gives the illusion that you are ok with what it has become. Are you?

Yeah, maybe the players "wanted to play"... But professional hockey is first and foremost a business. That was demonstrated all too much over the 113 days. The most important color to players of today aren't the orange and black, black and gold etc... It's green, period.

If you don't spend any money on tickets, merchandise etc... Good for you. You may think that watching televised games and proclaiming your loyalty to a team makes you more of a "fan", but I would think the NHL may have a different definition.
I don't argue, I just explain why you're wrong.

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