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One of my favorite lesser known Link stories --\\

Anyways, I will end my first blog with a quick little story that Iíve heard a few times from the mouth of our head coach Jim Bermingham, and itís my favorite. It happened back in 1993 when Jim was playing in the East Coast Hockey League for the Wheeling Thunderbirds. An opposing player named Link Gaetz who stood roughly about 6 ft 4 and weighed in at close to 250 lbs was playing for the Nashville Knights and Jimís team was in town to play them. Gaetz was well known as one of the most feared enforcers in the minors and even had some time in the NHL with the old Minnesota North Stars and the San Jose Sharks more recently. Link was downright frightening and didnít even need to be on the ice to scare the players who played against him, his reputation took care of it. On this night, during warm-up Gaetz decided he was going to put on a bit of a show for his fans and maybe strike some fear into the hearts of the opposing team. In the words of coach Bermingham, ď this guy Link Gaetz was a monster man, and crazy. I remember him skating down into our end during warm-up while we were taking shots on goal and just taking our net and pushing it down the ice back down to his end!!��? I guess Link had decided he was just going to use both nets for his team to warm-up with that night and you can bet no one on the opposing team was going to go and ask for it back. Jimís team just had their goalie stand in the crease where the net used to be and carried on with warm-up.

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