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I've posted probably as much as anyone defending brashear. I don't think anyone had him as high as #4 as early as i did on a public all time list. I've disagreed (and partially agreed) with many of the posters i most respect about his traits trying to be objective.

Did he do things that were hard to defend on a scale of "honor" or "likeability"? Certainly. Yeah he bailed against domi in a fight he was winning. I could be an ass for fun and say he was tired of beating the crap out of tie. The point is what other fighter handled tie like that more than once etc?Basically the same thing with mcsorley. Yeah, he wasn't brave vs mccarthy but changed that greats career arc with a helmet cracking win. I was also probably the first to point out chris simon's horrible balance..............convenient or not. It can be fun to be a dick sometimes(). If stephen peat and colton orr fought brash more, just how many times would it take them to earn a draw

I defend his style as exceptionally successful and cite examples of courage or exciting fights chapter and verse. I think there's a grain of truth in the arguments put forth recently. Defenders will see things one way, detractors the other.

This preamble leads to this. I think the brash-bgl fight in question does credit to both men. I always see the glass as "half full". BGL showed the two traits he is best known for; truly uncommon physical strength and an even rarer sense of fair play. He dominates an all time great who was his main competition for the #1 spot for years, handling him like a rag doll..............and lets him off the hook. Tie Domi, mcsorley, twist (etc) would have had to have been pulled off of a vulnerable brashear (which,btw, i wouldn't have a problem with).

The thing is, don't discredit brashear's courage or heart. He dosen't take the easy out or look to fight again another day vs a guy anyone would be leery of. It dosen't matter how you score the fight. I understand the rationale on both sides. Was it a forearm shiver to a degree? Are you sure that punch didn't catch laraque and not just his helmet? Sure knocked BGL off his feet in dramatic fashion.

I used to score it a KD win brashear. Now it dosen't matter as much. I still think it gives credit to both men. If it's a loss, so be it, brash dominated BGL in their first preseason encounter, clear cut. Call their series 1-1 or 2-0 with the rest anticlimactic draws or no contests. I think both guys deserve credit for not avoiding each other.

I do respect the reasons a lot of people discredit brash but i think it is a bias. I'd be as stupid if i said i thought tony twist dosen't deserve credit for being a great fighter. Boring (post enhancers), innacurate, a on and so forth.
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