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Originally Posted by mikebflorida View Post
Huge guys like Boogaard and Mac would be tailor made for upper cuts thrown by 3 of the meanest, most talented fighters in NHL history, Behn Wilson, Jim McKenzie, and Dan Maloney. Maloney is not in my top 10 but he threw vicious uppercuts.
How does being bigger than your opponent make you tailor made for uppercuts? Boogard had 4 inches on Wilson and Mac has 3. Wilson is an all time great so I am sure he could find a way to land an uppercut or two in a ten fight series but these guys are in no way tailor made for an uppercut.

Jim McKenzie is one of the meanest fighters in NHL history? I would say quite the opposite.

Originally Posted by mikebflorida View Post
Probert did well against the behemoths of his eras, Dave Brown was a behemoth himself and clobbered foes big and small, Kocur fought guys bigger than him his whole career and did very well, Larry Playfair had good size and strength and was plenty mean enough, Laraque, Sandy McCarthy, and Brashear did well against the giants and they weren't exactly tiny by comparison, and McSorely comes in last of this group, I don't think he would have fared real well against Boo and Mac unless he could just tie them up and eke out a draw.
Probert would be great in a series against either guy. I would think he would find a way to win but it would be no cakewalk. Dave Brown never clobbered a fighter taller than him in the NHL. In fact, he never fought anybody taller or even the same size as him according to DYG. He always had a height advantage and usually a weight advantage. It is fair to wonder how he would handle looking up at someone for a change. Boogard would have to leave Brown's left free to throw his rights so I have a tough time thinking how that would go. Mac would throw lefts and sneak rights in and win a series against Brown. Mac could take a punch and come back later in the fight.

McCarthy is a good call to lump in with Brashear and Laraque as guys who would use their strength and inside fighting abilities to win a series. I wish I had seen more of Playfair to guess that one. He sure seemed tough enough to deal with either.

Originally Posted by mikebflorida View Post
I also give Mac the edge in terms of fighting skills, I've never really seen him lose many fights while Boogaard was vulnerable and lost a bunch of times being fairly one dimensional while Mac is pretty good with both hands.

With all that being said, Mac and Boogaard wouldn't even be in the NHL in the 70's or early 80's, you actually had to play hockey back then so it's a completely unfair comparison, it's like asking how Mike Tyson would fair against your top 10 or how Mirasty or Serge Roberge would do against NHL regulars.
I find this last paragraph very wrong. Mike Tyson? He played in the NHL? I thought we were comparing NHL fighters.

You and others keep bringing up how these guys could not have played because you had to be such a great player but then you list Dave Brown as a great like he could play worth a shXt. I don't even want to hear about his goal totals being higher than the goons of today because the game has changed much more than just the fighting aspect. Dave Brown would be in the same boat as Mac or Boogey if he played now, if he was lucky. I see no reason to punish These two because of the state of the game.
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