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Originally Posted by ValJamesRules View Post
Used vehicles are expensive. Especially Toyota Tacoma's.

My truck is on the way out, so I have been poking around craigslist, and other sites, and damn, it is hard to find a decent/reliable vehicle where I will not need to take out a loan. I need/want a mid-size 4x4 because of where I live and my job.
Re: expensive. Yes and no. People TRY to sell their sh*tty wheels for a dime but you can always whittle them down if you shop smart. Your average seller on Craigslist has no concept of the market and what his car is worth. He lists his "1998 Ford Explorer" with 175,000 miles and a whole host of mechanical things that need fixing and asks for $4,000 for it. That doesn't mean the market is up and used cars are expensive. Just that he's a douchebag.

If you want a decent car that will last you a while, though, you will probably have to take out a loan. Just my opinion, but it's better to pay $250-300 a month for a solid car than save up 4 grand and buy something that will most likely have a shorter life unless you have a great mechanic in your back pocket.

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