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I don't always agree with some of the Boston homers on this site, but i also saw Thornton appear to challenge SCott in that game. Now I don't know if Thorts challenged him or asked if he was going out to the bar after the game, but the first thought that ran through my mind was that it was a challenge. Especially so after what SCott had said in the papers.

I obviously don't think SCott is afraid of Thornton or vice versa-but Scott did/does seem to have an issue finding other big name or top-10 fighters. I know it was brought up many times by posters here about how his card was weak for a guy his size, stature, and obvious fighting skill. I like SCott and I think he can be a sleeping giant at times out there and may not fit the bill of the quintessential enforcer. However he has proven to some extent that he is a legit super HW.
That win is nothing but a fugazzi.