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That Phantoms team in the lockout season had 3 bonafied heavies on the team who dressed REGULARLY at the same time. Fedoruk, a PTO signed Riley Cote (teams don't really sign fighters to PTO's anymore these days like they did back then either, it still happens a little, like Gallant for example last year, but not as much), and Josh Gratton who was in his first full season of AHL action. Then you had a Wade Skolney on the backend who wasn't afraid to step up if need be. And you also had Ben Eager who fought a ton that year too. Was good hockey.

The closest team this season could be Syracuse with Nightingale, Neilson, and Labrie who are all capable of fighting heavyweights when need be with Neilson being the only one who's a legit heavy.
Remember when hockey was played by men; heck remember when society wasn't so politically correct? Miss those days.

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