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Originally Posted by Boston Garden View Post
Well what's the definition of an "alcoholic"?

If you work all week and you consistently drink on the weekends are you an alcoholic? Or is it the sheer amount that you're drinking?

I'd say if you drink multiple times during the week (In excess) and it effects your life outside of drinking then that's a problem...or just drinking till you blackout is a problem obviously...

I mean if drinking on the weekends makes you a "functioning alcoholic" then there are an endless amount of people that would fit that criteria...are they all alcoholics?

I suppose drinking in a social atmosphere opposed too by yourself factors in here as well no?

Not judging anyone's opinion, just genuinely curious.
Dude no one said people who just drink on weekends socially with friends are alchy's. They are weekend warriors an thats fine. However this clown smashem posts that he wakes up an drinks to avoid hangovers and drinks a case on the weekdays...the dudes got a problem and is in such denial along with some other guys on here its sad.

Does smashem have kids? I really hope not, grow up and get a grip on life you flamer. Seriously consider the rehad I showed you (the recovery place in Ft Lauderale Florida)
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