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Originally Posted by pingpang69 View Post
If there was a way for words to show up slower on the computer screen, it would be perfect for you. Brashear was able to weather the storm and not only come back, but he floored Laraque and that was it, end of discussion. By the way, his last punch landed on Laraque's forehead. Not only are you slow, but you're blind as well. Great insight, Helen Keller.

Now you post a horrendous cheap shot? What is wrong with you?? Mcsoreloser was another guy that got pummeled by Beashear every time he tried. So what does he do knowing he can't beat Brash? He goes for the baseball swing.
It looks like from the angel the camera is at that Brashears punch hit Laraque's helmet. He bounced right back up so it didn't faze him either way. Now I know you'll have a fit, and view it from a Brash homer's point of view so I'm better off explaining this to my dog. You can't definitively tell if that last punch landed, you're just pulling **** out of your ass.

I also find it funny how you seemingly brush off Huggy getting put down time and time again. Now once you're done crying about that "horrendous cheap shot" you'll realize that if Huggy just obliged and fought Marty....he wouldn't have been staring blankly up at the rafters.

I genuinely feel bad that happened to a clean honest player like Brashear.
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