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Originally Posted by Sputnik View Post
So what's the worst team in the NFL?

Oakland is bad, but to me it's a toss up between Titans and KC. Locker has no place as a starting QB, Johnson is done, Britt will end up in jail sooner rather than later, their O-line is pathetic, so is their defense. KC has no QB either, but at least Jamaal Charles is a stud and their D ain't that bad.
the raiders are better than the jets? that sanchez fumble vs the patriots is what the jets side show filled season is.

between mcelroy who was sacked 11 times today against the chargers...tebow who can't throw a decent pass and sanchez who can't do anything right.

then again the jets are just a bunch of players and not a team so in the end, maybe the jets don't belong in this discussion
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