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Originally Posted by theknuckler View Post
I dont remember my parents explicitly stating santa is real. It was more the gist of kids TV programs, movies, and talk around school.
But the parents don't deny it. They perpetrate it with the letters to Santa, the milk and cookies and the thank you notes to the kids. I doubt many parents outright say, "It's just a guy on the cartoons and Coca Cola bottles."

It's a fun thing for the kids when they're little, but by the time they start school and hanging around other kids, I say that's long enough. What's the worst that happens when you tell your 5 year old Santa is mom and dad? The kid cries his eyes out that Santa Claus as he knows it doesn't exist, but then realizes he's still getting presents on Christmas anyway, so what does he care?

God forbid if I ever have kids, I'm giving em three years, four years TOPS.
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