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Originally Posted by pesadillamal View Post
At one point last year Dickey said if his knuckle ball wasn't working he would try and use his other stuff. The Mets manager didn't like the sounds of that and said as much so you have a point. Still, it has worked well three years in a row now so there is no reason to believe he will lose it all of the sudden and he does have different variations of his knuckle ball thrown with different speeds that have different movement.
This is true, and knucklers have longevity in their arms. How long did Tim Wakefield pitch, until he was 44? But the last six years he was terrible. Again, it's only my opinion, but I think the Mets have a lot more to gain by trading him than if they keep him for a few more years. I'm not saying Dickey is going to put up bad numbers, just that no matter what he puts up (aside from an unlikely second CY), it won't match the potential tradeoff they're getting from Toronto.
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