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Originally Posted by BaddaBing Badda Boom View Post
BS25 - I am dating myself here but I remember the Atlanta Flames with Plett, Houston, etc...I was just a kid but occasionally I would catch them on NBC Saturday game........We did not se Atlanta that much in NYC television wise. I distinctly remember "big Ken Houston" he was a giant to me with that big black mustache - Remember that he had some rep anyway back then. So, fast forward to this afternoon I research KH and find less than nothing, other than the fact that Sittler TKO'd him.......Is there a back-story to Houston that I am missing?

Houston had a huge rep..didn't fight that much but was known to handle himself well. Broke Schultz 's jaw (albeit slightly tainted ..can't remember might 've been a sucker..or something like that), anyways he tko'd Howatt one of the few that ever did that.
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