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Originally Posted by battleship25 View Post
Great thread Spider' :

Raglan - Kocur
McKay- Brown
Morisette/Ewen - Probert

those are obvious "lucky punches"

but I think the idea of the thread is not just one great /lucky punch..but a fight where the underdog fights beyond his normal capabilities. For me these examples are:

McKay- D.Brown ..not just a lucky punch but a terrific showing in their first encounter

Perrault- D.Maloney - although I didn't see it was the epitome of this thread. Originally called a huge win for Gil, but many say it was close...regardless it was a war and the young Perrault...not a fighter shocked the hockey world.

D. Gare- Gillies- the little guy may've got the edge on Jethro.

Lysiak- Korn - long in the tooth ,mild mannered Lysiak takes it to the big bully Korn in MLG and takes the win

Yeah, I know lucky punch -but another grizzled veteran Darryl Sittler drops Ken Houston (LA) behind the net in PHI . That was shocking...

How about Mike Milbury going t2t with Tim Kerr - Milbury usually a laughing stock looks unrecognizable and is throwing and NOT falling down..I had to look at the jersey to make sure.

B.MacClelland - Playfair ... OK , one lucky punch..but two !!! No way. Another shocker by the mild Mac...cleaned up the ice with was shocking ...made me think the mafia was involved and told LP to take a !!
BS25 - I am dating myself here but I remember the Atlanta Flames with Plett, Houston, etc...I was just a kid but occasionally I would catch them on NBC Saturday game........We did not se Atlanta that much in NYC television wise. I distinctly remember "big Ken Houston" he was a giant to me with that big black mustache - Remember that he had some rep anyway back then. So, fast forward to this afternoon I research KH and find less than nothing, other than the fact that Sittler TKO'd him.......Is there a back-story to Houston that I am missing?
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