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Good article

Marquez earns his moment, floors Pacquiao in stunning fashion

LAS VEGAS -- Juan Manuel Marquez spent nearly half of his decorated career in star-crossed pursuit of the win over his greatest rival that eluded him at every tortuous bend.

He'd lost two contested decisions to Manny Pacquiao after settling for a draw in their first fight back in 2004. Even as Marquez amassed Hall of Fame credentials over the past decade, it was Pacquiao who blossomed into a crossover superstar and global phenomenon, adding world titles at 135, 140, 147 and 154 pounds to the four divisions he'd previously conquered, winning election to Congress in the Philippines and being named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people. It was for Marquez a doomed crusade as anger, paranoia and time encroached on the 39-year-old Mexican -- bottoming out with a split-decision loss in last year's third meeting which so many ringsiders believed Marquez won -- that would have driven lesser men into retirement's cold comfort.

Yet with one heat-seeking right hand on Saturday night, Marquez stamped a definitive conclusion on a rivalry that's spanned 42 rounds over seven years and three weight classes -- and laid waste to the white whale that had come to overshadow his accomplishments, among them seven world titles in four divisions, over two decades in the hardest game.

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CompuBox Final Punchstats
Pacquiao Marquez
256 Total Punches Thrown 246
94 Total Punches Conn. 52
37% Pct. Conn. 21%
108 Jabs Thrown 96
26 Jabs Conn. 11
24% Pct. Conn. 11%
148 Power Punches Thrown 150
68 Power Punches Conn. 41
46% Pct. Conn. 27%
43 Avg. Thrown Per Round 41
16 Avg. Landed Per Round 9
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