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Originally Posted by flamesblackace View Post
Well I guess we totally disagree on this...

I would love to see Twist slashing the throat to the bench and asking who is going to go down next... who is going to be the hero after I detroyed your boy... Advantage Twists team!
Actually that would be kind of funny to see. I can just picture it.

i heard of something that happened in the minors with Rob Ray, he had just dispatched an opponent in a fight and Archie Henderson, former tough guy and coach of the opposing team yelled at Ray- "This is going to be a long year Ray!!" And Ray yells back- "for me or your fu$%ing players!"

Henderson then put a bounty on Ray's head and guys like Dean Ewen would come up to Ray in games and say- "can I still collect on this bounty?"

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